Company Culture

I. Product Concept

The so-called product concept is the belief that we develop the product within a certain range, that is, a professional requirement for the product.Professional products, more needs professional services.


2. Business Philosophy: Professional Integrity and Sustainable Operation

The openness of competition enables us to have more choices, and the openness of style enables us to fight for rights and interests.In the wake of consumer awareness today, maiang is more committed to the improvement of product and service quality.Because we always believe that "quality is the driving force of competition", we are constantly seeking new, change and progress in product and service quality.Although service quality is an intangible feeling, it will win more favor from consumers if it can be transformed into specific goals and specifications.

"We should stand in the customer's position and consider for the customer's benefit, so that our business can prosper" is the

consistent philosophy of all maiang people.The seemingly insubstantial image and the public praise, sometimes the actual service

content, can control the consumer's trust or not.

"Professional" means that each of our personnel is technically senior in a certain field and is at the forefront of developing new


"Sincerity" means treating customers with sincerity, treating the work with sincerity, and treating the company with loyalty.

"Trust" means to speak to the customer credibility, confidence in themselves, the company to trust.

"Sustainability" any enterprise is in the pursuit of permanence and continuity, so does maiang. Therefore, we insist that

"sustainability" is not only in the sense of development, but also in the sense of inheriting the corporate culture.

The "operation" business encourages the participation of every employee, which is also in line with the strong sense of participation of Chinese people.Everyone runs their own company as well as their own.The growth of the past is just a process. In addition to the glory of the present, the greater significance of it is to pass on the future."Professional integrity and sustainable operation" is the

corporate culture inherited by maionou. We believe that under the operation of group strategies and efforts, maionou's incense will continue in our hands and carry forward.